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Financial Crisis

Who is influencing the coverage of business and finance? What is the narrative being pushed to the public? Who stands to gain and who stands to lose?


Is Big Brother real? Big Pharma? Big Oil? Big Hollywood? What games are being played in the media and who stands to lose and gain in the confusion?

Trump White House Under Attack

Is the Trump White house heading to success or disaster? Deliverer or Destroyer? Fighting the establishment or a puppet to 1%? What is true and what is false about what is going on?

Left vs. Right

Big Money & Big Lies Rule The World. Disinformation. False Flags. Deception. Propaganda. Does the truth even exist? Would we know it if we saw it?

Women's Rights

The fight over Women's Rights intensifies in the 21st Century. Has feminism gone too far or not far enough? Has political correctness reached non-sense extremes?