Are the Democrats Holding the Supreme Court Hostage?


Are the Democrats Holding the Supreme Court Hostage?

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When asked if Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and his liberal cronies in the Senate would do anything to stop Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, he responded with, “Absolutely!”


Of course they are obstructing. Trump has no concern for the conservative agenda. His only interest is to put in puppets to open doors for Wall Street titans.

It is all about money and making the American people powerless. Abortion, Transgender Rights and the rest are just smokescreens to hide their real agenda.

President Donald Trump has already made clear that his version of governance includes slashing oversight and regulations while placing industry and Wall Street titans at the helm.

The Trump administration plans to deregulate markets, wage all-out war on “radical Islamic terrorism,” trash climate science and unleash a fossil-fuel frenzy. It’s a vision that can be counted on to generate a tsunami of crises and shocks: economic shocks, as market bubbles burst; security shocks, as blowback from foreign belligerence comes home; weather shocks, as our climate is further destabilized; and industrial shocks, as oil pipelines spill and rigs collapse, which they tend to do, especially when enjoying light-touch regulation.

The Trump administration can be counted on to exploit these shocks politically and economically.

Crises have been systematically exploited over the last half century to further a radical pro-corporate agenda.