Was Trump Wiretapped or is Trump tinfoil hat crazy?


Trump has no idea how the presidency even works. He honestly thinks the president can order a wiretap at a whim.

He is an ignorant loudmouth unfit to be president.

Point One: Anyone who would reveal the existence of a wiretap would violate federal law. It is against federal law to disclose the existence of a wiretap, whether that wiretap is for criminal purposes or intelligence purposes.

If any other government employee had single-handedly made such revelations they could see prison time for potentially damaging U.S. national security,

Point Two: If a wiretap had happened, then what type of cluster fuck occurred where a federal judge would approve such action? What type of mess would bring it up in the first place?

Under the law governing foreign­-intelligence surveillance inside the United States, an FBI agent would need to show a federal judge that there is probable cause that the target is an “agent of a foreign power” — and that requires more than just talking to, say, the Russian ambassador.

“Both criminal and foreign intelligence wiretaps have onerous and strict processes of approval that require not only multiple levels of internal Justice Department review, but also require court review and approval,” said Matthew Waxman, an expert on national security law at Columbia University.


Trump Sucks. I want a new President


Of course his wire is tapped. Are you kidding? The US elite know how to get around the FISA court. All our devices are tapped… just saying…